Lauren, age 6

What makes ladies beautiful?

Their smile.

What else?

That they have pretty clothes on.

What do they look like?

Like your clothes.

Would they be pretty colors?

Yes, pretty colors. Red, purple, orange, blue, green or yellow.

Is there anything else that you think would be really pretty?

What you have inside.

Like what?

If you like something and your friend says, “Hey, you’re copying me,” it’s because you like the picture. You make a pretty picture from inside and your friend likes it too.

Is there one beautiful or pretty lady you can think of?

My mom, Mrs. Murphy (my teacher), and you.

Thank you. What makes your mom a beautiful lady?

She dresses pretty and she has a smile and she loves me.

What do you think is pretty or beautiful about you?

That I like myself and I like my friends. And my dressing.

Lauren, 6



Jayden, age 6

What does it mean to be pretty or beautiful lady?

To smile. A pretty dress. Beautiful shoes.

What do those shoes look like?

High heels.

What color?

Purple…purple and pink.

What does the dress look like if you’re making me a picture?

A purple, yellow, green, blue and red dress. And flower earrings. She has blond and brown hair.

Can you think of one beautiful or pretty lady?

My mom.

Why is she a beautiful lady?

Because she’s nice.

Can you think of something pretty or beautiful about you?

Myself. My smile. And my teddy bear, Jayden.

Jayden, 6


Colton, age 7

To give a bit of background…in my recent “studies” of female beauty, I thought it would be interesting to ask a few kids what they thought. I interviewed a handful of first graders, roughly 6 or 7 years old, and asked them questions a bit paraphrased from the adult version interview. I also asked them to draw a picture of what a beautiful woman would look like. The next 5 interviews are part of this “mini-series”. Enjoy!

What do you think a beautiful or pretty lady looks like?

I don’t know.

Well, what do you think makes a lady look nice?

To dress up.

What kind of clothes would she be wearing?

A dress.

What color would it be?


So if somebody wore a yellow dress, she would look pretty?


Would there be anything else?

Just that.

Can you think of one beautiful or pretty lady?

My mom.


Because she dresses up pretty.

Does she have a yellow dress?


But you said she needed a yellow dress to be pretty.

She used to.

What do you think looks nice for you?

My white shirt that says Ecko and my smile.

Colton, 7



What did beauty mean to you when you were in your 20s?

I am sure it was very important to me, since I bleached my hair, blond and at that time I only used lipstick, no earrings, I don’t remember that. My mom always dressed well, so she wanted her girls to dress well too.

What does beauty mean to you now?

At this time, I like to look neat, clean and I usually buy from the thrift stores, but still wear make-up and keep my hair neat. Try not to eat many sweets and exercise for my heart, and a good feeling.  Still am bleaching my hair, not really blond, but more ash blond.  I want to stay trim so I can live longer and help my husband.

If different, why have your ideas about beauty  changed over the years?

I am not sure they are that much different, my attitude about the price of everything has changed, since I am paying for it, instead of my Mom.  I want to be an example to others to keep myself humble and not to overdress.  But I don’t think I ever did that.

Betsy, 70

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