Colton, age 7

To give a bit of background…in my recent “studies” of female beauty, I thought it would be interesting to ask a few kids what they thought. I interviewed a handful of first graders, roughly 6 or 7 years old, and asked them questions a bit paraphrased from the adult version interview. I also asked them to draw a picture of what a beautiful woman would look like. The next 5 interviews are part of this “mini-series”. Enjoy!

What do you think a beautiful or pretty lady looks like?

I don’t know.

Well, what do you think makes a lady look nice?

To dress up.

What kind of clothes would she be wearing?

A dress.

What color would it be?


So if somebody wore a yellow dress, she would look pretty?


Would there be anything else?

Just that.

Can you think of one beautiful or pretty lady?

My mom.


Because she dresses up pretty.

Does she have a yellow dress?


But you said she needed a yellow dress to be pretty.

She used to.

What do you think looks nice for you?

My white shirt that says Ecko and my smile.

Colton, 7



Light, harmony, cleanliness…

I am struggling with the three main questions you posed in the interview. I am not used to thinking about “beauty”. I guess that I always associated beauty with health, harmony of lines and proportions, and with charisma. Some people shine, and I think that this is a combination of factors. It is not only the way they look, but also how they express themselves.
During my years in Brazil, I was fascinated by the beauty of women in particular. I guess that I needed to “integrate” things that I was lacking in myself as a woman, and therefore I was terrible attracted to them. During this time, I could not see the beauty of men, for instance. Thus, I think that my concept of beauty has to do with sexual orientation. During my last years in Brazil and my years in Israel, i.e. during my adult years, I established my sexual identity as a heterosexual woman and my eyes opened to the  beauty of men. The beauty of women became then much less appealing to me!
Now, unfortunately, I also associate beauty with age. When I was an adolescent, I was looking at the transformations of my body with curiosity. Now, I look at the transformations that I am experiencing at the middle age with worries: the change of my skin, the color of my hair, etc.
Changing the focus from people to nature or places, I think that beauty has to do with light, harmony, cleanness.

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