Jaclyee, age 7

What makes a lady beautiful or pretty?

Her hair color.

Like what?

Brown or yellow.

If you were thinking of the picture in your head, what do you see?

The dress that my mommy wears. It has a big flower on it.

Can you think of anything else a beautiful lady would look like?

She would have brown hair and blue eyes, or gray, and she would be wearing earrings and necklaces.

Who is one beautiful or pretty lady you think of?

My mommy because she wears my favorite colors.

What are your favorite colors?

Brown and black.

What do you think is pretty or beautiful about you?

My hair color.


Because I like blond.

Is there anything else you want to tell me?

The shapes of the rings that we wear.

That’s also beautiful? Like what?

Like a diamond ring, because they shine.

Jaclyee, 7



Jayden, age 6

What does it mean to be pretty or beautiful lady?

To smile. A pretty dress. Beautiful shoes.

What do those shoes look like?

High heels.

What color?

Purple…purple and pink.

What does the dress look like if you’re making me a picture?

A purple, yellow, green, blue and red dress. And flower earrings. She has blond and brown hair.

Can you think of one beautiful or pretty lady?

My mom.

Why is she a beautiful lady?

Because she’s nice.

Can you think of something pretty or beautiful about you?

Myself. My smile. And my teddy bear, Jayden.

Jayden, 6


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