Julia Rice was born in Michigan, USA but has no recollection of ever living there. She received her Master’s in Fine Arts (painting) from Utrecht School of the Arts, Netherlands, and her Bachelor’s in English Literature from Wheaton College, USA. She currently lives with her husband just north of Barcelona. In late 2010, she did an art residency at CellSpace in San Francisco for 80 days in which she interviewed, photographed and painted senior women to explore how beauty messages impact aging. Now back in Spain, she continues with this project, curious about differences and similarities between women on far sides of the ocean.

She has exhibited and spoken about her work in Spain, The Netherlands, the UK, the US (in the Midwest and San Francisco) and worked with a team in El Salvador to design the ad poster for an AIDS Awareness Festival. In the midst of country-hopping, she has worked at a prison for teenage girls, written and illustrated a couple of children’s books, taught in three continents, worked on a few languages and taken up yoga to keep her head on straight. Besides this women’s beauty project and a new full-time teaching job, she is currently working on a children’s book about the adventures of the Catalan Christmas pooping log – the Caga Tio – once the holidays are over. She constantly works to wrap her head around the two languages (besides English) she hears everyday. And every once in awhile, she also tries to remember to breathe, and smile.


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