The following is the only interview completed at my exhibition in San Francisco. I left a stack of interviews out for anyone to fill out. It was done by an artist, originally from Germany, who also happens to be a guy…

What did beauty mean to you when you were in your 20s?

Sex…No, not really, but it was closely related, as TV told us it is. This is true for how I assessed the “beauty” of  people. The beauty of people was a concept of common culture for me. In nature, it was different. My father showed me beauty away from people, disconnected from common culture…beauty as something that touches your heart.

What does beauty mean to you now?

The beauty of nature won. Beauty is something that touches your heart. It’s not what touches anybody else’s heart, and it’s not measurable. Nobody can tell you what is beautiful and what’s not.

If different, why have your ideas changed?

Simply?—– I got older. I had to become my own person. I had to find my own definitions. Intrigue me, touch my heart and you’re beautiful. Also, you don’t need any apparel to be beautiful!

Heiko, 41

San Francisco

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bob Lowry
    Jan 06, 2012 @ 14:45:17

    Thanks for noticing my comment on Sonia Marsh’s blog. As a 62 year old male my view of beauty has certainly evolved. When a young man I was attracted to the this culture’s idea of physical beauty. My only real concerns were with the outward attractiveness and whether being seen with that woman would reflect well on me.

    Now, such criteria seems so obviously sexist and absurd that it is hard to believe it was my view. Today, a good looking woman is attractive to me on several levels. Yes, taking care of one’s appearance is important, but, that doesn’t mean clothes from fashion magazines or a face lift that leaves someone looking unnatural and uncomfortable with her age. It does mean strong self-confidence and a sense of self-worth. It means not being an accessory to a husband or partner. It means being intelligent, well-read, and not hesitant to use those skills in any social setting. In short, it means being a mature human being who happens to be female.


  2. GutsyLiving
    Jan 10, 2012 @ 13:39:36

    Bob, I agree with your comment but something struck me: Many women in the U.S. have non-invasive procedures done, teeth bleaching, microdermabrasion etc. and men don’t realize it. They just think the woman looks good for her age, because women don’t generally disclose it. What do you think?


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