What did beauty mean to you when you were in your 20s?

I am sure it was very important to me, since I bleached my hair, blond and at that time I only used lipstick, no earrings, I don’t remember that. My mom always dressed well, so she wanted her girls to dress well too.

What does beauty mean to you now?

At this time, I like to look neat, clean and I usually buy from the thrift stores, but still wear make-up and keep my hair neat. Try not to eat many sweets and exercise for my heart, and a good feeling.  Still am bleaching my hair, not really blond, but more ash blond.  I want to stay trim so I can live longer and help my husband.

If different, why have your ideas about beauty  changed over the years?

I am not sure they are that much different, my attitude about the price of everything has changed, since I am paying for it, instead of my Mom.  I want to be an example to others to keep myself humble and not to overdress.  But I don’t think I ever did that.

Betsy, 70


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  1. Helene Lambruschi
    Oct 08, 2010 @ 13:41:22

    It seems funny to be asked what beauty meant to me in my twenties because I can’t beleive how unaware i.e. unconscious I was of my inability to be any different. Beauty was external and it referred to what I did “to make” myself attractive – to the opposite sex. It’s as if I was raised to be attractive to men not only by my parents’, but by my parents’ who were acting in collusion with some outside force which I now recognize as the culture. So in that sense beauty not only referred to physical beauty as in the right hairstyle, make-up, clothes and shoes but there was also an emphasis on sexual attraction. By the way – I almost dyed my hair blonde at one point. The line that permeated radio, TV and paper advertising, “Blondes have more fun!” was meant to be entice all women. So, just like Betsey mentioned, if one’s mom was influenced then the daughter usually followed – albeit reluctantly right behind. Ah ha! So now I have also discovered a connection between beauty and having fun and the images set out by advertising


  2. Helene Lambruschi
    Oct 08, 2010 @ 13:59:22

    I still think of beauty in terms of physcial appearance which includes physical health. However, my the concept of beauty has blossomed to include spiritual, emotional, and psychological attributes which reflect the development of an interior orientation that began when I was in my mid thirties.


  3. Helene Lambruschi
    Oct 08, 2010 @ 14:45:57

    The connection between my expanded notions about beauty are intimately linked to my spritual developement and the cultivation of a rather serious prayer life which began when I was thirty-six. I learned that though I was a wife, mother, daughter, sibling and friend I was “more”. At fifty-seven (almost!) I continue to learn about what process of becoming means to me. I enjoy many facets of my life and hope that the parts of my life which don’t appear to be very beautiful will one day be transformed. Until that day comes, I hope to enjoy the more hidden and little moments of beauty which put me in touch with the beauty that grows within the heart of humankind.


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