Light, harmony, cleanliness…

I am struggling with the three main questions you posed in the interview. I am not used to thinking about “beauty”. I guess that I always associated beauty with health, harmony of lines and proportions, and with charisma. Some people shine, and I think that this is a combination of factors. It is not only the way they look, but also how they express themselves.
During my years in Brazil, I was fascinated by the beauty of women in particular. I guess that I needed to “integrate” things that I was lacking in myself as a woman, and therefore I was terrible attracted to them. During this time, I could not see the beauty of men, for instance. Thus, I think that my concept of beauty has to do with sexual orientation. During my last years in Brazil and my years in Israel, i.e. during my adult years, I established my sexual identity as a heterosexual woman and my eyes opened to the  beauty of men. The beauty of women became then much less appealing to me!
Now, unfortunately, I also associate beauty with age. When I was an adolescent, I was looking at the transformations of my body with curiosity. Now, I look at the transformations that I am experiencing at the middle age with worries: the change of my skin, the color of my hair, etc.
Changing the focus from people to nature or places, I think that beauty has to do with light, harmony, cleanness.

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