“Will older women be hesitant to talk about their changing image?”

My sister recently asked. We shall see. That is something I am curious to find out. In creating this project, I want to be as sensitive and respectful as possible.

For me, my questions present important issues. Why does the (lack of ) age of a face “enhance” its value? As women grow in wisdom and life experience, how is it that modern, enlightened culture is still socialized to “invisiblize” them as women and increasingly reduce their roles? Why are the young particularly valuable or beautiful?

Money and power are easy answers to roll out in response. The questions in themselves are not new nor profound. What is important though is to ask, giving form to unspoken ghouls that linger behind smiling faces in advertisements.


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  1. mom rice
    Sep 23, 2010 @ 02:35:24

    Hi Ju
    I was so glad to finally view your blog–you are doing a great job–however,
    why doesn’t your blog have the first pix & comments. Sarah showed me this which she got off of her face book. The link you sent me for your blog only has the last 2 pix and comments.
    Keep up the good work. How’s your interviewing going?
    Lots of love to my favorite artist!!

    PS–Why does the first pix have a piece out of the middle of the face?


    • juliariceart
      Sep 23, 2010 @ 15:37:22

      To all the rest of you also wondering as well, each blog entry is its own separate entry. That means if I post a picture with a particular piece of writing, it will only show up with that writing (as will the comments from that post). You can find the “back issues” of the blog posts down the right side of the page.

      Also, the faces are all painted on cardboard product boxes. So the image with the “piece out of the middle of the face” is really a pasta box with a clear plastic window in the middle.


  2. william
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 10:03:49

    What is valued in a culture depends on the culture itself. There is no genetic imperative to values, other that survival of the species. But youth and beauty meaning fertility does not account for the current obsessiveness of males and females about female looks. Of course this is related to consumerism (unlimited gratification), as opposed to valuing life experience (wisdom). Unchecked material wealth makes us behave more like animals, and animals value youth (spreading one’s genes). The only possible way out is to reeducate society out of consumerism and toward wisdom. It is as much an individual as it is a collective task.


  3. mary lou novak
    Sep 28, 2010 @ 18:16:49

    Hi Julia,

    So good to hear from you and to see your artwork and writings. It looks like you have been traveling far and wide to achieve your goal. Good for you. My perception of old age is much different than yours. First of all, you are correct in saying that beauty and youth are promoted in magazines, tv, etc. But I remember that it has always been the case. I lived in California for 30 years, and certainly there was a lot of emphasis on keeping in shape, Obaji treatment for wrinkles, cosmetic surgery, jogging, working out at the gym.

    When I moved to the Midwest area I was surprised to see many people who have literally “let themselves go.” Overweight, no exercise, still smoking. I was disappointed to see people have no interest in good health. “We are going to die anyway…..” attitude. It was rare to see this type of person in San Diego.

    Perhaps we need these magazines, these movies to keep us stimulated to look our best? Why not challenge yourself physically and mentally as long as you
    possibly can? Why not have the wisdom of age and physical attractiveness? Certainly we cannot look as sexy and glamorous as the models or the movie stars! But we can do our best by exercising, eating healthy, and learning new
    and exciting things to stimulate the brain cells.

    Speaking of women as sex objects….there are also plenty of magazines with men as sex objects. Have you noticed?


  4. Betsy Okresik
    Sep 28, 2010 @ 20:11:15

    Are you trying to find out what older women think about their aging process that is taking place everyday in their lives?
    As a 70 year old women, I don’t like the spots, age spots, or the wrinkles, but they are there. My inner thoughts and attitude is more important than what is on the outside.
    A smile helps big time. A kind word, a special touch to someone, and a hug, is always welcomed.
    Hope all is well with you, Julie
    Betsy O


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